It was love at first sight when I saw the coral hat in these photos. Of course I immediately tried to find out who is made by because this hat is just so perfect! The colour, the shape, the style, everything is to die for for! I am so… in love!!!

Now I’m so happy to  finally know it’s by Maison Michel! I guess the next thing is try to get my hands on one. :)

第一次在街拍里看这些照片的时候我就一发不可收拾,无可救药的,很花痴的一见钟情啦!!!不是啦,不是对这人, 是帽子!哈哈。

这颜色, 这形状, 这款式, 一切都是如此的完美!我真的是太喜欢啦!!!之后的就不难想到了, 我就开始在网上做功课啦!线索就是那个M Logo咯!呵呵。 果然功夫不负有心人, 我现在知道这个帽子是Maison Michel的!之前真的是没听过这牌的,土嘛!嘻嘻。 现在才记起来之前在北京的在land Crawford  也看到过这牌的头饰, 不过没看到过帽子。

After some research on the Internet I fund out Matches Fashion carries this brand. They even have some similar hats for sale now. I fund these three I liked but still can’t get my mind off the 1st coral one with the black trim. Does any one have any idea where I can get one? Please let me know! Thanks a lot! :)

后来就在网上找到 Matches Fashion 有卖这牌子的, 不过搜了半天也没那款帽子, 找到下面这3款我也很喜欢。 也有顶橘色的呢!不过款式比起上面那顶还是差了点点。 我要到哪里才能找到那顶呢?

This’s the hat for sale at Matches fashion. It really cute to me but not perfect. :)

街拍里也有位美女戴了Matches卖的那顶, 也不错, 不过在我的心里还没有第一顶那么的完美, 呵呵。 没救啦, 完美主义者, 挑剔呀!嘻嘻。

Super stylish and cute blogger Marta from the Life of Boheme is a big fan of these hat too. Doesn’t she look amazing in these hat ?!

我很喜欢的一位法国博主Life of Boheme的Marta也是这帽子的粉丝呢!她的两顶也都很好看呢!好喜欢呢!

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    害得我也上网搜索了一下这帽子的信息, 还不便宜呢! ^^

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