I got ears today,Bunny ears! Now I’m looking at it and thinking I should worn it on Easter.  I paired leopard skirt with them. Hmm… a leopard bunny? OK  it does not make any sense. Don’t ask me a girl just wanted to have some fun. :)

P.S. Any one watching the Royal wedding? I think I’m going to get up early to watch it. I’m dying to see Kate’s wedding dress. I’m sure she will look beautiful.



This Celine leather jacket is another great find in Beijing on my last trip home. I’ve been wanting a Celine leather jacket for a while. I still remember I was crazy about that two tone celine jacket Christine Centenera and Caroline worn from the 2010 spring collection. I even fund a similar one from ASOS. I also posted it here. Oh a little info on that ASOS jacket, I did purchase it but returned it as soon as I received it. I really didn’t like how the leather looks in person.

I normally don’t like to make my designer purchase whenever I go back to China since it cost more there. however I didn’t hesitated to purchase this one when I saw it in the the Celine store in Beijing since we don’t  have a Celine store here in Toronto (Holt Renfrew does not always have a lot to choose from) . I have to say I’m so in love with this jacket! I can wear it everyday. It goes with everything.

这件黑色的Celine皮衣也是上次回国时的收获了。原本我说过回国时我尽量不买大牌因为国内太贵了。不过因为我们这里没有Celine的专卖店,而且我很想要件Celine 的皮衣,所以这次就破例出血了。真的是很喜欢这件皮衣呢,实在是太百搭了。

对了,大家还记得我这篇博文里发布的关于Celine 2010春季的那件双色皮衣么?我后来在ASOS看到一件很像的,我也网购回来了。想知道后来怎样么?收到后第二天就退回去了,呵呵。实物还是让我很失望的,呵呵。

My Outfit:

Celine Leather Jacket and brown bag

Express Tee(Old)

Zara leopard skirt

Louis Vuitton red sunglasses

Chanel booties

Chanel ring (right hand)

H&M bunny ring & Aldo snake ring (left hand)

Swarkovski goldfish necklaces


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  2. ReplyHallie

    兔子耳朵超可爱:) 那件皮衣真的是超帅!确实是一分钱一分货呢^^ 我最喜欢的是你的那个CHANEL的戒指...

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  6. Reply苏夏

    好可爱啊。。。皮衣也很美啊~~~ 不遮脸这样更美了。。。瓜子脸啊瓜子脸

  7. Reply看了又看

    豹纹兔兔也很可爱嘛!娃娃脸型很标准啊! 现在越来越喜欢celine了,很有范儿!

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  9. Replyxier

    豹纹豹纹哈, 姐姐穿着有点帅气,有点可爱的哈哈哈 PS:姐姐的笑容好甜

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