It was a crazy windy day. My giant floppy hat was blew away twice while taking these pictures. I think red is the perfect pop of colours in a dull and gray day. We should have some great sunny weathers this weekend as I heard. Looking forward to some Sunshine!

Did you watched the Royal wedding? I got up at 5 o’clock this morning to watch it.   When I saw Kate in that absolutely beautiful elegant wedding dress, Oh my, my heart skipped a bit! She just looks amazing in that dress and it showed her tiny waist! Stunning!!!

昨天的风好大呀! 在拍这组照片的时候我的大帽子两次被吹走了。 在阴沉的天气穿点亮色的衣服也能让自己精神一点,这次我就选择了红色。

对了, 大家看了威廉王子和Kate的婚礼了么?我可是早上5点起床就坐在了电视前。 当看到Kate从车里出来的时候, 那一刻我都快无法呼吸了,她看起来是如此的优雅高贵呢!好美的婚纱呢!美美的婚纱把她那纤细的腰身都展示出来了。 哇!太美了!

My Outfit:

Givh Shyh red trench

Zara floppy hat

Chanel bag, sunglasses and ring

United Nude booties

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  1. Replysugarcoffee


  2. Replypooja

    the red coat n the hat is lovely and so r the amazing photographs. hope u can check my blog too

  3. Replylinlin

    我觉得Kate真的很美很有魅力呀,难怪能俘虏威廉王子甚至民众的心~ 这组照片我最喜欢第一张和倒数123张,真好看!!

  4. ReplyHallie

    The red against all the black rest, too pretty!!!

  5. Reply苏夏

    还是喜欢戴安娜。。。凯特总是感觉少了些神马。。。 红黑配永远是经典啊啊

  6. Reply看了又看


  7. Replywater

    红和黑的搭配我一直认为是最经典的,嘿嘿 之前姐姐是全身黑色,然后丝袜是红色的,这次正好相反

  8. Replyxier

    对啊,姐姐真的是各种风格各种尝试的哈 红色风衣好美 重重叠叠的

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