With just few click away we can buy just about anything online today. It’s so simple and easy. The bad thing is someone might get carried away and clicked a little too many times, me for example. Oops! These babies are on their way home. Have a safe trip honeys!

网购真的是好方便, 足不出户就可以买到世界各地的形形色色的东西。只是随便点几下过几天东西就在你家的门前了,可是就因为点几下实在是太容易了一不小心就容易多点了几下, 呵呵。 这些宝贝儿已经在邮寄来的路上了, 一路平安宝贝儿们!

Coral maxi Skirt from Free People.

Style Stalker snake print dress from Singer22.

Large red clutch from ASOS.

Two pair of shorts from Queens Wardrobe.

Citizens of Humanity Flare jeans from Shopbop.

Two pair of Jeffery Campbell shoes from Solestruck.

Yes, I finally got the Lita, but these are a little different, it’s Lita 2 with silver heels. I think they are pretty cool. The last pair is the mildred paint and they look totally crazy. It’s not like my normal style but I’d like to give it a try. You can always return them if looks funny on me. We’ll see.

是的, 我终于是买了Lita了, 呵呵。 不过我买的这双网站上说是Lita 2 因为根部是银色的。大家都穿而且都说好穿, 我实在是忍不住了, 呵呵。 最后一双很疯狂吧?不像我的风格吧? 是哦, 我也是这么觉得, 不过看起来真的是很特别呢, 我试试看咯!不行总是可以退的嘛, 呵呵。

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  1. Replylittle


  2. ReplyHallie been busy girl:) There are so many beautiful and good stuff!!! I can't wait to see how you style them:D

  3. ReplySweet Jess

    我昨天也在考慮第二雙鞋子...我也是感覺太瘋狂了!! 不知道要不要訂...只是我這邊退回去的話郵費是超貴的~~

  4. Reply苏夏


  5. Reply看了又看


  6. Replyxier

    第一条裙子不规则的设计好美 另外那个喇叭裤我也好喜欢 期待看到姐姐的 秀啊

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