I guess b/c all the thing going on at home, I’ve been really lazy to update lately. I know this make me an irresponsible blogger. So here are few snap shot I took while furniture shopping. This wall was by the parking lot where we parked. Nice backgrund for some quick photo.

可能是因为最近忙家里的事有点累,我又开始犯懒不想更新不想拍照了。 好像每隔段时间我总是要来这么一次,希望这次时间不会太长。:) 为了让自己觉得还是个负责人的博主, 那天在我们停车场的边上看到这么一堵有意思的涂鸦墙,随手拍了几张, 也算是能更新一次了, 呵呵。

My Outfit:

H&M top

Queen’s Wardrobe shorts

Zara Booties

Talula hat

Celine bag


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  1. ReplySam

    Oh I love your scallop shorts- I've been trying to find a pair but haven't found some that I like yet! They're all over the stores in Korea though- you'd probably love shopping in Seoul! -Sam

  2. Replyrong


  3. Replydaisy

    随便拍几张都这么美,不好偷懒哦,娃娃! 搬家累瘦了吧,感觉比冬天瘦

  4. Replywater


  5. Replyxier

    我好喜欢倒数第二张 好有范 (*^__^*) PS:楼上那位 最近都没怎么联系了啊,过得还好吗

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